About Us

It's A Dog Meet Dog World is a new company specializing in Dog Walking, Socializing, Training, Pet Sitting and more.

Our favorite thing to do is to get out and see the world we live in. From walks to hikes to play dates with other dogs, fun times is what we're all about.

Let's face it, your dog would much rather be playing outside and making new friends as opposed to sitting around the house all day. Well, it is our pleasure to help make that happen!

We love to be social and adventurous, so let us help enhance your dogs life by adding some walks or going on some adventures. If your dog needs any obedience training or socializing we can help with that as well.

Pet sitting is also available. So if you are planning a vacation for a week or just a weekend we will come to your house multiple time each day to take care of your pets needs.

So give us a call or send a text and let us know how we can become a part of your pack.

Please visit us on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your pack!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your dogs wonderful life!